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B2B Managed Services

The benefits achieved from standard B2B e-commerce solutions are varied and include cost efficiencies, improved quality for products and services, greater visibility, and a streamlined supply chain. B2B has made an impact and has added value, however, inherent problems within the traditional model prevent electronic B2B from being a sustainable solution in today’s business environment. New business challenges due to the ever-expanding communication standards, the changing customer’s expectations and the demand-driven economy have created a need for a new approach that goes beyond B2B. EDI Managed Services from Techdinamics is a strategic vision that creates a comprehensive view of the supply chain by integrating the technology, business processes and communication of the entire business community to facilitate end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Technical Expertise

Existing standards are constantly evolving as trading partners undertake their own technology at a pace to suit their own business needs. As a result, the technical infrastructure of a supply chain is constantly in flux. B2B outsourcing insulates companies from ongoing technical complexity by placing the responsibility for supporting multiple standards in the hands of the outsourcing service provider.

Extending IT Department

B2B outsourcing immediately extends the capabilities of your IT department, especially in small and mid-sized businesses that simply cannot afford the overhead of a dedicated B2B support team. Our services enable your in-house IT staff to focus on activities that will deliver unique value and offer competitive advantages to your company.

Support Accelerated Growth

Companies that are able to meet new market opportunities or quickly respond to supply chain disruptions are likely to outperform their competition. A flexible B2B platform, proven processes, and a global support organization to provide B2B technical and business expertise is key in performance excellence. A proven B2B outsource partner can offer dedicated EDI management services to help add and manage trading partners quickly and smoothly.

Lowers the investment risk

B2B outsourcing ensures that the cost of a B2B e-commerce solution becomes a predictable and stable expense, utilizing monthly fees which are often linked to the volume of transactions being processed or the network capacity employed.

Keeping up-to-date with B2B solutions

B2B outsourcing providers are committed to continually improving the B2B capabilities and service levels they offer. This technological advantage will greatly exceed any commitment achieved and maintained internally by your IT department.

Minimizing upfront investment

B2B outsourcing allows businesses to leverage the existing infrastructure of the B2B outsourcer with minimal capital investment in technology or new staff. Outsourcing offsets future skill-set training when developing or expanding B2B capabilities. Leveraging existing infrastructure also delivers the bottom-line benefits of your B2B program – such as savings on transaction handling costs and fewer errors in transactions. These savings will be accrued in months rather than years!