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EDI Testing and Certification

What is EDI Testing and Certification

Using advance analytics and visibility tools we help retailers achieve compliance requirements, speed-up on-boarding and minimize disruption in the supply chain.

We help make the process simple for our customers.  A knowledgable team of EDI analysts will gather your technical and business requirements. Then these requirements are converted into an automated testing process which allows vendors to complete certification quickly and reliably.

  • Flexibility

    Regardless of the system or the standard you use, our EDI testing and certification service will fit your requirements.  We test document syntax, communication and business rules.

  • Automation

    With our EDI testing and certification process we automate testing of document syntax, business rules and communication.  We can also provide tools for reporting, alerting and tracking the on-boarding process.

  • Analytics

    Our analytics engine allows you to validate complex business rules to ensure correlation of data between the tested documents.  For example, we can validate that the information on the PO matches what was provided on an ASN and that the invoice matches what is on the PO and ASN.