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Cross-dock solution for AmeriCONNECT

About AmeriCONNECT

Ameri-Connect Freight Services Inc provides global and domestic solutions for all aspects of the supply chain. Ameri-Connect Freight Services Inc. incorporated in June 1998. Our initial mandate was to remove obstacles at the borders and provide a seamless service for ‘Over the Road’ transportation and Customs transactions.

Their success in providing a ‘no hassle’, seamless service to our clients moving goods North / South of the border, presented additional requests for a more global base of services. Today, Ameri-Connect Freight Services Inc provides a boutique “Full Service” solution for goods moving throughout the supply chain domestically and internationally.

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AmeriCONNECT was approached by Party City to provide cross-docking solution.

Our Approach

We, at Techdinamics, came up with a plan to meet the warehouse’s needs and built a platform to measure and return data to the customer with high visibility.  Learn more


  • a seamless integration that was easily implemented in all 4 facilities in a short period of time.
  • A cross-dock solution was live in 48 hours with no down time in Vancouver yet all the work was done in Toronto.