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Integrated Order – Logistic Distribution

About Logistic Distribution

Founded in 1991, Logistic Distribution Inc is one of Canada’s leading 3PL providers. As “Canada’s Connection” we help clients develop and grow their national market share through just-in-time fulfillment, distribution, and logistics.

LDI’s devotion is to providing quality service has contributed to the company’s growth – in both physical size and reputation – as a one-stop distribution provider. The company accepted the challenge to learn the business requirements of our clients and their related suppliers and clients.

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Keying in orders was tying up a lot of manpower in the information and order-flow process.  LDI began researching a cost-effective solution that was customizable and unique for their customers.

Our Approach

We looked at LDI’s applications within their order processing system, warehouse management system and accounting system and then created a program that fit within those programs.  Learn more.


  • A paperless and automated system
  • Instant time and cost savings by avoiding key punch errors
  • Allowed LDI to grow without adding personnel