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About Us

Techdinamics Solutions Inc. is a full service consultancy firm focused on Electronic Customer and Vendor Connection Technology for Consumer products, for both industrial and retail companies.

We service customers throughout North America, and our software development facilities are located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

At Techdinamics Solutions Inc., we pride ourselves in having the expertise and knowledge to convert strategic technology business needs to specific technical solutions that make your business work.  Our company effectively and strategically supports your electronic relationships with your customers and vendors, and delivers these services on a cost-efficient basis.

Techdinamics Solutions Inc. is an industry leader in eCommerce implementation.

Techdinamics is Canadian-based company founded in 1999 with headquarters located near Toronto, Ontario.


Established in 1999 as a B2B consulting firm providing services to Fortune 500 companies.  During the first years in business Techdinamics demonstrate great ability to translate business requirements into real word solutions.

In the early 2000’s Techdinamics decided to develop a services side of business by developing an industry first supply chain visibility solution delayed in the cloud and relying on B2B data for analysis.  Later a community management and testing modules were added.  Today this product is called Infoborders and remains one of the most advanced solutions in the market.

Today Techdinamics provides highly customized B2B services with an emphasis on businesses in fulfillment, providing services to vendors, retailers, 3PLs.