About Us


At the heart of Techdinamics is a powerhouse team with deep roots in the technology and fulfillment industries. This is the structure of our DNA and defines our focus in the market - we provide leading edge technology for smarter fulfillment.
our vision
Simplify fulfillment
our mission
To bring innovation and new technology for smarter fulfillment
our strategy
Provide new ideas and reduce touchpoints by leveraging our industry knowledge and technical expertise


integrated flow
Eliminate manual order entry and reduce shipping errors. Better yet - we will convert to any file format so no one needs to change their format to make an integration work.
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small parcel shipping
Take the hassle out of small parcel shipping by making your system smarter. A fully integrated, cloud-based shipping solution will help you get shipments out the door faster and with less mistakes.
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Sophisticated yet simple to use cross-docking solutions that can be customized to specific business needs. No servers, uses RF guns.
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