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Fulfillment Solutions

Discover Smarter Fulfillment Solutions

Solutions that empower businesses to turn challenges into opportunities.

In your niche, you have to compete for your business. Differentiate yourself from the masses by offering more visibility, shorter turnaround times, shorter cut-off times and improved relationships with your customers. Techdinamics offers you a complete range of solutions.

Integrated Order

Orders come from different systems and processes and often require some manual manipulation.  With integrated order, we can help your business grow into full automation.  From order capture, to order fulfillment, to accounting package integration, Techdinamics Solutions Inc. can take your business to a new level of efficiency.

At Techdinamics, we know your biggest headache is having to manually key in orders from PDF or Excel files. We eliminate that problem completely by communicating directly with your customers. They send us their orders (through email or FTP) and we load it automatically into your system. Automation reduces errors in SKU, quantity, and address. It also frees up human resources and improve relationships with  your customers.

Multi-Carrier Shipping

A Multi-Carrier shipment solution built with integration in mind.  Integration with your warehouse management system ensures you get the right rates and paperwork without the extra effort.

We support major label printers from the cloud interface. The best part is that you do not need to install a thing! We connect with you remotely. We generate labels and get the rates from mailing carriers. We can connect to your printers and print for you. Yes, we will support your specialized printers such as Zebra.

Cross Docking Solutions

The use of cross-docking processes should help reduce shipping costs.  This is only possible with automated processes that ensure minimal steps during processing inbound orders, cross docking and shipping.

Omnichannel Sales

We help you expand your business sales by facilitating sales via EDI, eCommerce, mobile.  In today’s environment, customers expect to find the goods where is it convenient for them.  Our omnichannel solutions help you be in control of your processes.