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Cross-Docking Solutions

Cross Docking Customized for Your Business

Cross-dock by Techdinamics allows you to receive and ship out trailers or containers on the same day. You have the ability to receive electronic manifests before a truck arrives, be notified of received goods, be aware of discrepancies in processes, and stay up-to-date on the status of shipments. It is a cloud-based turnkey solution that can be extended through additional integrations to your existing systems.

Warehouse operations are also optimized to use RF technology in scanning pallets and boxes as they are received, put away and shipped out.

Customers who prefer to use online tools for reporting can do so using our internet portal, Infoborders.


No additional hardware

Our solution is built to reside in the cloud, allowing access to information in real time for you and your business partners or customers.  You decide who should have access to what information.


Works with other systems

Integration is key to effective cross-docking.  Receive electronic manifests before the truck arrives, be notified of received goods, be aware of discrepancies in processes, and stay up-to-date on the status of shipments out of the warehouse.


RF Scanners Support

Integration of RF scanners eliminates the most common errors during the receipt, staging and shipping of cross-dock products. Information is validated against an electronic manifest.