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Multi-carrier shipping

Multi-Carrier Solution

Expand integration to include your shipping tools.

Techship takes away the hassle of small parcel shipping and optimizes fulfillment operations within a single application. Techship enables you to batch single or multiple orders directly from your WMS. In a regular scenario, the user simply enters in an order number to immediately generate a label.

Techship does all the backend processing; including pulling orders from your WMS, validating addresses, selecting the lowest rates and appropriate service levels. With our cloud-based program, courier compliant labels can be processed and printed directly to your warehouse printers from anywhere.


  • Cloud-based: Accessible Anywhere
  • Rate Shop Carriers
  • Batch Processing
  • UCC128 Labels
  • Freight Markups
  • Updates back to WMS (optional)
  • Manifests/Report
  • Eco Routing

Multi-Carrier Support

A Multi-Carrier shipment solution built with integration in mind.  Integration with your warehouse management system ensures you get the right rates and paperwork without the extra effort.


With integrated order, we can help your business grow into full automation.  From order capture, to order fulfillment, to accounting package integration, Techdinamics can take your business to a new level of efficiency.

Cloud Software

Cloud software means you can start improving processes, customer service and reducing cost without investing into new hardware or maintenance headaches. Get started with minimum investment and immediate results.