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Multi-Courier Solution for Integrated Fulfillment

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Designed to Compliment your WMS, Optimize Fulfillment Operations and Reduce Touchpoints

TechSHIP takes the hassle out of small parcel shipping and optimizes fulfillment operations within a single application. TechSHIP enables you to print single or batch multiple orders directly from your WMS. In a regular scenario, the user simply enters an order number or batch number to immediately generate a label.


In addition to providing in-house integration services to your system TechSHIP allows your developers to use our API to expand existing functionality.

3PL Optimized

With the integrated order, we can help your business grow into full automation.  From order capture, to order fulfillment, to accounting package integration, Techdinamics can take your business to a new level of efficiency.

Retail Compliant

Custom packing slips, optimized courier labels provide the compliance retailer require for drop-ship deliveries.

Rate Shopping

Get the best rates on shipments while optimizing your markup

Batch or Wave Processing

Save time and optimize operations by processing orders in groups

Ready to Integrate

TechSHIP already connects to some of the most popular Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). But if we are not yet connected to yours - talk to us, we have the resources to make the connection.