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Integrated Order

Today, third-party warehousing and distribution businesses are moving from a reactive to a proactive approach to integration. By encouraging customers to provide electronic feeds of inbound and outbound orders, businesses can offer more attractive pricing by eliminating manual keying and associated errors. Customers, in turn, are able to receive the required confirmations and updates electronically.

Properly implemented integration solutions open the door to addressing customer needs without adding unnecessary complexity to the core operation of third-party distribution companies. Current market tendency towards omni-channel fulfillment can become a reality, even for companies with simple operations.

Techdinamics Warehouse Integration solutions makes integration easy. With over 15 years of experience — providing integration services to businesses of various sizes — Techdinamics has the experience and know-how for making small and large integration projects successful. Our simplified integration plans were designed with your small and medium-sized customers in mind. We provide automation of warehouse transactions, such as orders, confirmations and inventory updates.


Testimonial - Logistic Distribution Inc

Reg Adams, VP of Logistics Distribution Inc, shares his experience implementing an integrated order solution within his organization.


Avoid redundant processes and alleviate time-exhaustive tasks done by personnel. Our fully integrated system ensures all transactions and order processes are virtually instantaneous. Rapid-order processing and reduced system downtime help to get customer products out the door faster.


Customers today demand greater visibility of warehouse processes. Our fulfillment portal surpasses these demands by providing the information in an easy-to-understand, simple-to-follow format. Critical information including inventory levels, alerts, notifications and reports are readily available on the portal. This allows your business to provide greater customer service and lets you focus on what you do best.


Integrated solutions are available starting from as low as $50 per customer per month. We also offer customized solutions to fit unique supply chain requirements, from simple file integration to fully outsourced EDI solutions. For more information on our various packages, contact us by email.


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Every customer has different requirements for submitting warehouse orders. They almost never match your system’s capabilities.  Some customers are even submitting orders manually because they either do not have the ability to submit any other way or because they believe the cost is too high.  These headaches add complexity to your operation and increase the likelihood of errors — and un-necessary expense!

This is where we come in.  Our promise is simple: we will take the complexity of integrating new customers out of the equation for a small, monthly fee.  Many of our clients roll this cost into their customers’ price and some even make money in the process. Our sophisticated B2B cloud-based system can handle it all! From the simplest requirements to the most complex.  Small customers can use email to send orders in readable formats, or key in the orders using a simple, online form.  For your larger customers, we can integrate order processing with whatever order management system they have in place. Your customers will appreciate not having to perform the additional step of creating a PDF or excel file. Customer satisfaction increases with our services.

And that is just the beginning.  If your customers need credit card processing, recurring order management, or an online webstore, we have you covered.

Order Processing

From simple integration via email to complex integrations with customers’ order management systems, we have you covered.  Our approach is to try and use the least disruptive way to automate order processing. We do this by taking on all of the complex work and performing it in our state-of-the-art B2B cloud-based system.

Your smaller customers will benefit from an email-based integration. Customers can email orders in any format, (excel or csv for example) to an automated mailbox.  The order will be processed and loaded in minutes.


Recurring Orders

Recurring orders have multiple benefits for your customers. However, managing this functionality can be difficult, especially if charges for the orders need to occur at time of shipment. Our recurring order management option makes the process extremely simple: create the order once and specify how often to ship; we take care of the rest. We can even process credit card payments and notify you or your customer of any payment processing issues.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is a PCI-compliant option that allows customers to submit orders that require payment processing. Orders are received and processed though the payment gateway before warehouse orders are created. If the credit card fails to process, we notify you or your customer, but the orders will not be created. Combine this option with recurring orders and your customers have a powerful and flexible solution that will encourage them to bring more business to you.

This service allows you to take orders from any customer no matter how they place their order. This complete 360° acceptance of orders means you can accommodate all your customers.