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Supply Chain Visibility – Infoborders

Improve and Strengthen the Supply Chain by Making Information available to all stakeholders

Infoborders provides a truly collaborative effort between various enterprises within the supply chain network. Our custom-designed software provides a collaborative platform that will assist supply chain management by evaluating scorecard performance and identifying electronic transaction errors. Not only will Infoborders improve supply chain relationships by discovering and repairing transaction errors, but it will also allow both vendors and retailers to gain greater visibility regarding partner performance.

Infoborders is simple and quick to implement, uses B2B transactions including EDI as the main data source and provides visibility into supply chain problems in real time.


Selling great products is simply not enough. We help companies build great customer relationships by making their supply chains transparent.


Having visibility into inbound supply, together with consistent deliveries, ensures appropriate inventory balances, maximum customer fill rates, and also reduces stock-outs. In short, we offer financial benefit with improved customer satisfaction.


To stay ahead of their competition manufacturers are looking for ways to create and manage a lean, intelligent supply chain.  Techdinamics provides solutions to gain visibility into B2B processes, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and get control of chargebacks.

Techdinamics has the expertise, experience and partner relationships to provide a one stop for all your B2B needs.

Infoborders B2B Data Flow

Infoborders is a business intelligence application designed to improve trading partners’ electronic relationships. Infoborders monitors and sorts current and historical documents you exchange with your business partners; such as orders, invoices and shipping advices. Infoborders applies sophisticated business rules across multiple transactions to expose problems. Users are notified of existing or potential problems via email and through actionable, online reports.

infoborders funnel data processing

Business intelligence solutions provided by ERP vendors are expensive to implement and tend to focus on the optimization of internal business processes without truly considering the unique requirements of each customer or trading partner. Infoborders is simple and quick to implement, uses B2B transactions, including EDI, as the main data source and provides visibility into the supply chain problems in real time.