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Solutions for you Industries

Over the years we have helped companies in you industry to manage electronic business relationships.

Retail Industry

Dependable information on when a particular product will be delivered is crucial for success in the retail industry, especially in today's global economy. Having visibility into inbound supply, together with consistent deliveries, ensures appropriate inventory balances, maximum customer fill rates, and also reduces stock-outs.

Manufacturing Industry

To stay ahead of their competition manufacturers are looking for ways to create and manage a lean, intelligent supply chain. Techdinamics provides solutions to gain visibility into B2B processes, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and get control of chargebacks.

Logistics and Distribution Industry

Distributors and logistics services providers continue to be affected by the rising costs of transportation and logistics. Optimised B2B processes and actionable business intelligence provided by Techdinamics will help distributors and logistics services providers reduce operating expenses and provide value-added service to global customers thus improving their margins.