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Logistics and Distribution

Distributors and logistics services providers continue to be affected by the rising costs of transportation and logistics. Optimised B2B processes and actionable business intelligence provided by Techdinamics will help distributors and logistics services providers reduce operating expenses and provide value-added service to global customers thus improving their margins.


Supply Chain Visibility

Increase the percentage of perfect orders and expedite the order-to-payment lifecycle.

B2B Outsourcing

Outsourcing provides the technical expertise to manage existing B2B communication and utilizes the latest technologies and best practices while eliminating payroll costs.

Strategic Assessment and Planning

Proper best practice evaluation, strategic assessment / planning, and architecture review will improve management and streamline output

Professional Services

The safest, less disruptive and usually the less costly approach is to use the knowledge of the experts in the field. Our professional services will provide your organization with the know how and experience to complete your projects.

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