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Who is Techdinamics?

Techdinamics is a technology group that provides technology for Smarter Fulfillment.

We are a one-stop solution for shippers that need help integrating with their customers or automating their final-mile shipping process, including label generation for 150+ couriers, tracking visibility and courier auditing.

What do we do?

We help shippers achieve the Perfect Order Process by getting orders out the door faster, with fewer errors, and lower operating costs. Our goal is to help shippers Save on Labor, Save on Shipping, and Get Instant ROI.

Our cutting-edge technology stack tackles everything from capturing the initial customer order to final-mile shipping, tracking and auditing.

Techdinamics Tech Stack

Order Management &


Powerful OMS designed for warehouses to


Any-to-Any Integrations

Ship, Track, Audit


a multi-courier shipping solution with 150+ courier integration


a tracking & analytics portal


a courier auditing tool

Why Techdinamics?

Our Focus: Simplify Fulfillment so You Get the Perfect Order

We understand the headaches and roadblocks you encounter–whether it’s trying to connect to your customers’ systems, reduce touch points, or find the lowest-priced shipping as easily as possible.

Using technology, we solve everything from order capture to shipping out the door and make it as easy as possible–so you get the perfect order every time.

We become a true partner in fulfillment for our customers, which include 3PLs, brands, retailers, and distributors. In fact, our customers treat us like an extension of their warehouse IT Team and will call us whenever they need help with a customer integration, need help automating their shipping process, or want to eliminate their manual touch points.

Who are our customers?

Any business involved in the fulfillment process - Fulfillment centres, brands, retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

Our story

We're a technology group obsessed with simplifying fulfillment in every way imaginable. We started by focusing on integrating warehouses with any customer, any system, in any format. But we quickly realized that warehouses had many other challenges–and no solutions. Fulfillment centers needed a one-stop solution for in-house, outsourced, and drop-shipping fulfillment centers–so they get the perfect order.

And now we're global...and growing.

With offices in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, South America, and North America, we can support you in your time zone.


Edward Aguiar

CEO/CTO Canada

Reg Adams

President Canada

Nestor Martinez

Director of Operations Uruguay

Maria Malesevic

Director of Sales & Marketing USA

Scott Adams

Director of Technology Partnerships USA

Nathan Goobie

Director of Small Parcel & Shipping Solutions Canada

Cecilia Giusto

Support Manager Uruguay

Gimena Mironi

Accounting Manager Uruguay

Gabriel Zang

Product Specialist Uruguay

Igor Nechaev

Technical Implementation Manager UK

Carter Spence

Marketing Manager Canada

“In today’s market where clients demand high visibility, accountability and require you to meet all their business needs, Techdinamics has become like a lawyer and accountant to us. We consider them every step of the way.”


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