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Techdinamics, with their carrier solution, was instrumental in improving our fulfillment operations at a time when we were experiencing double-digit growth. The Techdinamics team has been incredibly responsive and supportive at all levels in the organization

Lorne Taylor, COO
Stalco Canada / USA Fulfillment

Techdinamics support with our integrations and warehouse processes has exceeded our expectation.

Paul Van Remortel, President
Ottawa Logistics

Techdinamics, with their courier solution, were instrumental in improving our fulfillment operations and simplifying courier processing as we have doubled the number of small packages delivered to our customers in last twelve months.

Jason Salmon, President
Drexel Industries

Skechers is expanding the use of the Techdinamics cross dock software with several of our Trading Partners. They have been instrumental in the support of Skechers ever expanding distribution plans and we look forward to working further with the Techdinamics Team.

Shawn Baro, VP of Logistics
Skechers USA

Techdinamics has been a great partner to Point B in helping us solve many different connection or integration challenges with our customers. They've delivered really good work on time and within budget which has represented us really well.

Robb Zavitz, VP of Operations
Point B Solutions

TechShip has helped to transform our shipping process by allowing us to reduce complexity, and streamline the shipping process. As a 3PL, before Techship our team was using complex rules to manage many of our customers unique shipping requirements which cost us time and also required specialized knowledge to process shipments. Techship has allowed us to overhaul our shipping process to not only gain efficiency, but helped reduce complexity, and increase quality.

Luke Helm, VP Of Distribution

Techdinamics has been an invaluable partner in helping Blueleaf stay ahead of the ever changing demand in the 3PL industry. Because of this partnership Blueleaf offers an entire menu of integration options from ERP/ WMS to any and all E-comm/retail dropship platforms. Techdinamics has played a significant role in our growth and is a major reason why our customers chose us as their 3PL provider in BC. They handle the heavy lifting on the technical side which helps us keep our IT costs low, savings which we pass on to our customers. There were many options for us to chose from for systems integrations. However, Techdinamic’s sales and support team are extremely responsive and second to none. This has been the largest factor in our decision to continue to use Techdinamics throughout the years.

Ajeev Fernando, Vice President
Blueleaf Logistics

We’ve been able to process double the number of web orders with the same employee headcount. Our associates are now happier and more at ease.

Teresa Baugh, Warehouse Manager
Lodge Manufacturing

TechSHIP has helped Merangue gain control of their freight. It has helped lower our shipping costs by leveraging competition within the carrier marketplace. Additionally, techSHIP allows you to know your shipping costs up front. Reporting functions make auditing freight invoices simple and efficient. I would highly recommend techSHIP.

John Moreau, President
Merangue International Limited

Techdinamics has been extremely helpful in providing solutions to our ever expanding integration needs. Their professional and systematic approach to EDI integration, has allowed us to stay ahead of our competition in today's market. We feel confident when on-boarding new customers that Techdinamics will have a solution to help streamline the flow of information, while effectively lowering our labour costs. We truly value their partnership!

John O'Neill, President
J.P. Enterprises
Giant Tiger