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The Right Tools to Capitalize on Nearshoring, Cross-Border Trade - a Mexico Business News Interview

This interview was written by Mariana Allende | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 11/07/2023 - 08:49 at Mexico Business News.

Interviewee: Edward Aguiar, CEO/CTO of Techdinamics.


Q: What is Techdinamics' core value proposition and how does the company differentiate itself in the market? 

A: We aim to help customers succeed in the ever-evolving world of fulfillment and integration. Our mission is to provide the technology and tools that allow businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape. We are here to offer solutions that enhance operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and minimize errors. 

We make our clients’ lives easier through numerous processes, such as streamlining shipping processes, providing visibility and analytics, and automating rule-based exception handling. We are committed to ensuring that our clients can provide a well-rounded e-commerce service, like the one offered by e-commerce giants. Our unique blend of technology and operational knowledge sets us apart, allowing us to truly understand the challenges within warehouses and shipping operations.

Q: What are the primary challenges that clients face in the sector, and how does Techdinamics address these challenges? 

A: Customers are often concerned about labor costs, including monetary compensation and benefits. Our strength lies in developing technology that helps mitigate labor costs by clearly defining processes and minimizing the potential for errors. This approach also empowers customers to explore automation options that can further reduce costs. We also provide tools to facilitate cross-border shipping, helping our clients reduce the packaging and labels required and providing the necessary documentation for seamless border crossing.

Q: What strategies did Techdinamics employ to thrive in Mexico’s e-commerce and logistics sector? 

A: Techdinamics was founded in Canada but it always envisioned itself as an international company, a vision reinforced by the interest shown by our customers in Latin America. Many of these customers are eager to leverage the technology common to the North American market, which is already available in Spanish. We took steps to ensure that our entire office is equipped to provide comprehensive support in Spanish, while also translating and adapting our tools to function seamlessly in Spanish. Our office in Mexico can provide the same product, sales support, and maintenance in Spanish. These efforts have enabled us to establish a strong international presence and offer our tools to a broader audience. 

Q: What recent developments or trends in the Mexican logistics industry are influencing Techdinamics' strategy?

A: Mexico is seeing a growing interest in nearshoring and local businesses are integrating more with those in the United States, which has led to increased production and shipping activities. This stronger relationship with the United States is contributing to overall growth. As the world becomes smaller and more interconnected, numerous international opportunities emerge. The key to capitalizing on these opportunities lies in having the right tools. Without these tools, many manual elements can hamper efficiency and competitiveness as the business expands.

We are enthusiastic about the opportunities presented by the expansion of markets in Mexico. This expansion will allow us to grow our business and integrate processes, not only within Mexico but also with other countries like China. We plan to integrate shipments and other systems to facilitate cooperation, making use of a combination of tools.

Q: What technologies does Techdinamics leverage to achieve same-day or next-day delivery, and how does this contribute to customer satisfaction? 

A: We aim to implement artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities to optimize order routing across shipping facilities, as AI can help select the most efficient routes for every order. This is especially valuable for businesses with multiple sales channels and diverse fulfillment methods. AI-enhanced technology can improve visibility and enhance customer satisfaction. We provide real-time shipment information, including real-time location and expected delivery times, just like Amazon. 

Visibility has become a critical factor in the customer experience. For brands that rely on different carriers and wish to provide a seamless customer experience, we offer a platform that can be customized to serve as a unified point of access. 

Q: What role does smart fulfillment play in Techdinamics' operations and how does it enhance customer experience? 

A: Smart fulfillment focuses on efficiently executing the necessary tasks to facilitate the inbound order process. This involves tasks such as receiving orders, packing items, and preparing packages in the most effective manner. The “smart” element in this context refers to the use of technology to streamline and simplify processes from the moment an order is placed until it is delivered to the customer. 

This approach allows customers to route orders from various sources to multiple distribution centers, which may operate on different systems. For shipping, we help customers devise efficient routing rules without the need for coding, enabling them to leverage the strengths of each carrier and minimize weaknesses. By automating the decision-making process it is possible to select the best carrier for each shipment. All of these elements come together as we strive to achieve an optimal, error-free order processing system.

Q: What specific safety measures or technologies have Techdinamics implemented to ensure secure and reliable logistics operations? 

A: Techdinamics does not physically handle products; we provide visibility to the customer regarding the whereabouts of their packages. If customers request specific security features, we collaborate with carriers that support those functions, such as additional signature requirements or picture confirmations. These features are meant to enhance and expand the visibility of the shipping process.

When dealing with expensive or fragile products, we give customers the flexibility to define the safety measures they prefer, like insurance, signature upon delivery, or scheduled delivery. We can work with carriers to help customers control where the product can or cannot be delivered, thus avoiding any potential issues.

We have also developed tools that automate the auditing process, helping identify errors such as inaccuracies in weights and measurements or the use of incorrect boxes and packing. We have tools that can assist in determining the appropriate box for each order, handle hazardous materials, and support the standardization of procedures for less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers. 

Q: What are Techdinamics’s short- and medium-term goals and how does the company plan to achieve them? 

A: In 2024, our primary focus will be expanding into the international market with a special emphasis on some Latin American countries, including Mexico. We are eager to strengthen our presence in these markets and bring additional resources and capabilities. Our strategy is to leverage technology. One of our key interests revolves around integrating AI into our tools. We aim to explore how AI functionalities can enhance various aspects of our delivery tools like address validation. Rather than relying solely on database matching, AI allows us to analyze and understand the underlying reasons behind discrepancies.


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